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orted goo○ds startin●g on July 1●. The deci◆sion, at an executiv■e meeting preside●d over by Premier L●i Keqiang,● was descr■ibed as con〓tinuing the◆ country's ●opening-up to be■nefit domes●tic consumers ■and boost industr◆ial transformatio〓n.Average tari■ff rates for cloth○es, shoes, hats, ki〓tchenware and sport■s products〓 will be red■uced to 7.1 perce○nt from the curr〓ent 15.9 percen●t, according to 〓a statement rel〓eased after the ●meeting.Ave■

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September 19, 2013

to US$8 bill■ion, according

rage rates fo■r household appl◆iances like was■hing machines and ◆refrigerators will ○drop to 8 ■percent, 12.5 ◆percentage ●points lower.● Tariffs on aquatic 〓products and m●ineral water wil●l be 6.9 p■ercent on avera〓ge, down fr●om the existi〓ng 15.2 percent,● while cleanin

September 17, 2013

t◆o estimates from C●itig

g● products, ●cosmetics ■and some healthcar●e products will be l●evied at 2.9 p●ercent, down from t●he present ◆8.4 percent, t●he statement ◆said.Further ta〓riff cuts will◆ be beneficia■l to opening-up and● meet public ●demand, whic〓h will als●o push forward〓 quality i◆mpr

September 15, 2013

roup I●nc and Goldman Sachs

ovements an◆d industrial upgra●ding, the st◆atement said. ●It also said re●lated departments ●should strictly c○arry out the policy 〓and prevent any pr◆ice increases ■by middlemen a●s a result.On○ Wednesday, the St○ate Council ■also decide○d that China wil■l roll out m●ore f

  • ◆ Group Inc. Haier Gr◆ou

    oreign-inv◆estor-friendly m○easures and w◆iden market acce■ss.Commitments 〓made to cancel or ea

  • p, the unlis◆ted parent of Ho

    ○se restriction○s on forei○gn investment in ◆such manufacturi○ng sectors as aut〓omobiles, ●sh

  • ng ○Kong-listed Haier ?/h3>

    ipping vesse●ls and airc●raft will be promptl●y implemented.T○he mechanism regard○ing qualified

  • 馝lectronics Group Co■ an

    ● overseas inv●estors will be 〓expanded. This will■ encourage suc■h investors to● participate

ded on ○Wednesday

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